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DIMCO LTD was founded on June 7, 1966 in Cyprus, in the form of a limited private company, initially specializing in selling electrical equipment and house wiring gear.
The company entered the lighting industry in 1976, which remains its core field to this day. DIMCO has evidently evolved into one of the most experienced and reliable light retailers in Cyprus.

Lighting: a “product” which promotes evolution and generates civilization. When a company offers this good for 50 + years in a responsible, professional and consistent manner, then it can be proud that it has played a part in the development of this country. In DIMCO, we are fully aware of this responsibility and we pledge that in the years to come we will continue to offer the same quality and reliability to our customers, contributing to the welfare of our business environment.




There are 5 DIMCO Lighting Showrooms, located in every major city in Cyprus, offering an extensive variety of technical, decorative and architectural lighting products. In every location, a team of experienced representatives is ready to assist and advise.


Wire smart electrical stores have arrived aiming to provide a fresh spectrum of the company’s electrical department.
DIMCO, targeted to a strategic and rebranding upgrade of the company’s Electrical stores and has successfully achieved. Wire stores are fully equipped and capable to fulfil the new challenges of the Cyprus demanding electrical market. At the moment, DIMCO operates 4 Wire smart electrical stores in Paphos, Paralimni, Nicosia and Larnaca.


Dimco operates 1 Electrical supplies stores, in Limassol.
Leading brands in a vast variety of electrical supplies. Wires, cables, switches, sockets, switchboards and lamps, offered on retail or wholesale basis at the most competitive prices.


In 2012, Dimco launched a new department titled  LEVEL ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING , which facilitated
architectural studies on lighting projects, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and automation systems.