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DIMCO LTD cares about the environment!

We are a registered member of Green Dot Cyprus, WEEE Electrocyclosis and TELLI RECYCLING, for recycling of our products' packaging materials, electronic wastes and printers' toners, respectively.

In addition, in every DIMCO store there is a special waste bin for disposing of our customers' electronic wastes (lamps, lighting fixtures, transformers, drivers, etc.). However, you are welcome to drop off your waste in our stores, even if you are not a DIMCO customer!

If you have electronic wastes of any kind (in regard to lighting products), you can bring them in one of our locations (please check our addresses under the "Store Locations" tab in our E-shop website).

We will be glad to assist and provide additional information as far as "how to treat electronic waste" is concerned.

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How to Clean Up Broken Lamps and Tubes

Do not use a standard vacuum cleaner! Do not use ordinary residential and commercial floor vacuums, floor vacuums that trap dirt with water, or wet/dry shop vacuums. (For vacuum cleaning, only vacuums designed specifically for hazardous waste may be used.)

Instead of vacuuming, wear latex gloves and carefully clean up the fragments. Wipe the area with a damp disposable paper towel to remove all glass fragments and associated mercury.

Keep all people and pets away from area so that mercury-containing pieces and powder are not transfered into other areas.

Keep the area well ventilated for 30' to disperse any vapor than may escape.

After clean up is complete, place all fragments along with cleaning materials into a sealable plastic bag. Wash your hands. Recycle along with intact lamps.